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Installation of a wide range of Access Intercom and Video Entry Systems

Access Intercom



NF Electrical Install and Maintain a wide range of Intercom and Video Entry Systems

Audio or audio visual Access Intercom Systems are an ideal solution for controlling access to premises with a single or multiple point of entry. We can can manage your intercom installation as well as advise you about the best models to install.


Wired Intercom Systems

Wired home intercom systems are easier to install in a new build or in a property that has already been wired otherwise the installation is complicated by the need to get into walls. Wired systems are also not prone to interference compared with wireless intercoms where there may be lots of other wireless devices nearby.


Wireless Intercom Systems

If interference is not likely to be a problem, a wireless intercom is easier to install in any property. As well as choosing the wiring, you can also decide on intercoms that only use audio, or models that offer live video, which adds to security because you can view the visitor on screen before letting them in.

Audio Entry only intercom systems are the most simple and affordable installation available.  They allow for audio interaction each way with the ability to open gates and doors with the press of a button.


Audio and Visual System

Audio and Visual intercom systems or (AV) systems offer both high video picture and sound. Audio is available each way and the resident called can see the caller via a built monitor in the handset. This can be in black or white or colour depending on your specification.

Intercom Panels

Speech and video intercom panels can be made of high quality stainless steel, brass or chrome and can be tailor made to any size to suit your particular design requirements.


Gate Intercoms

You may also wish to install an intercom linked to a remote gate entry system allowing you to open a door or gate at the push of a button without having to walk to the door or gate.


Existing Intercom Systems

We can work on existing systems. It may be that you are having trouble with you intercom system and we could help. NF Electrical carry out:

  • Additions to systems
  • Rewiring of troubled installations
  • Refurbishments to existing handset
  • Refurbishments to existing door stations

We often find that rather than replacing a whole unit (handset, door station), refurbishing or replacing components will work out to be considerably cheaper.


Intercom Service and Maintenance

We offer a maintenance package that is advisable for all intercom systems. This will ensure that all of the equipment is serviced annually thus keeping your system fully functional and operating optimally at all times.Non maintained and systems poorly cared for can usually see issues relating to audio and video performance and quality.


Maintenance package includes: Bronze Silver Gold
An annual maintenance visit
One additional visit in the same year
Engineer availability 24/7
Emergency response within 4 hours
Parts included
Engineer activity report
25% discount on standard call out charge
Help desk support
Monthly standing order payments
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